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School Leadership Team

Head Teacher - Sonia Thompson
(Headteacher, TfW Lead and Research School Director)

"St Matthew's is a vibrant, forward-looking and confident school which aims to meet the future needs of our young people and the world they inhabit. I am delighted to be part of it and enjoy working with the wonderful children here."

Tracey Adams
(Deputy Head Teacher, Maths Subject Lead)

"At St Matthew's we are passionate about ensuring all children achieve their highest potential. I ensure that I deliver high quality lessons, which both inspire and motivate the children, towards their educational goals. I love to share my life with the children and in turn encourage them to do the same. I do this so that we can show: our individuality; the things we are proud of; our faith and the things that bring us together, as a community of lifelong learners, with a focus on making a huge impact on the world."

Daniel Martin
(Assistant Head Teacher, Year 6 Teacher, Assistant TfW Lead, Collective Worship and RE Subject Lead)

Hydeh Fayaz
(Evidence Lead in Education for the Research School/Lead Practitioner, Y5 Teacher, Geography Lead)

School Teaching Team

Louisa Farrow
(Teaching School Business Manager, English Hub Lead Practitioner)

"By working with our wonderful team of staff and parents, I am determined that every child at St Matthew's should make all the academic and personal progress they can. They should all leave this outstanding school with the confidence to tackle problems bravely, a thirst for learning and a love of reading."

Simone Pearce
(Reception Teacher, SENCo)

"Here at St Matthew's we are committed to providing a stimulating and motivating learning environment. Our aim is to prepare every child so that they can make a positive contribution to the society in which they live and that they can function in the fast changing world in which they find themselves."

Lucy Lance
(Year 1 Teacher)

Asa Tarrant
(Year 2 Teacher, Acting KS1 Phase Lead)

Danielle DaCosta
(Year 3 Teacher)

Katie Fisher
(Year 4 Teacher)

High Level Teaching Assistants

Marie Thompson
(Medical Needs Officer)

"St Matthew's is a forward thinking school. It has allowed me to provide high quality support, which ensures that the children I work with feel valued to excel, in every area possible. Through my daily roles as a TA and medical officer, my aim is to celebrate the children's individuality and consistently approach their learning needs and fears with sensitivity. In doing this, I will strive to ensure they become model citizens and achieve far beyond their own expectations."

Naila Younis
(1st Class@Numbers, Success@Arithmetic and Homework)

Simone Pringle
(Young Peoples Parliament and 1st Class@Numbers)

"Here at St Matthew's I am a Higher Learning Teaching Assistant. I am also the lead in managing resources for the whole school. I am constantly striving to ensure that I support and motivate children to reach their full potential, especially in an ever changing society. Through my partnership with teachers, children and parents, I recognise everyone's individuality and heritage. I'm proud to be a part of a community of learners, who value the Christian faith. I ensure that each pupil and teacher has the specific resources they need to deliver quality lessons."

Dannielle Williams
(Pastoral Lead)

Nehemiah Browne
(PE Lead)

"I endeavour to inspire all children to want to lead a healthy lifestyle by providing fun and engaging physical activity opportunities. I am proud to be part of an outstanding team, striving to motivate children to want to achieve excellence in all aspects of school life."

Teaching Assistants

Esther Newbold
(Senior Lunchtime Supervisor/Assistant Medical Needs Officer)

"It is a privilege to part of an outstanding school. In my role as an integration assistant, I encourage the children to take pride in their conduct, develop and maintain positive relationships with each other and produce the very best work they can. As a senior lunchtime supervisor I supervise the children in the dinner hall, playground and other areas of the school. I also encourage our children to improve their table manners and behaviour."

Saddia Hussain
(SEND Support)

"I feel privileged to be working for St Matthews. Working at an outstanding school gives me satisfaction; knowing that I am part of a very hard working team, who strives to do their best to support children in their learning. I also encourage children to take pride in what they do, their environment and their learning."

School Support Team

Kim Blewitt
(Data Manager)

"St. Matthew's C of E School is fully committed to developing each child's unique potential within a secure and caring environment. In my role as Data Manager, I help support the teaching staff by providing Attendance Data to ensure that children are in school every day and Assessment Data, to monitor Learning and Attainment. We encourage our children to not only reach their best academically, but also to motivate them to become happy, successful and fulfilled individuals. I am proud to be part of the St. Matthew's 'family'."

Sharon French
(School Bursar)

"Here at St. Matthew's, my goal is to get best value for money so that I can help make the school the very best it can be. I am very proud to be part of the St. Matthew's team, where we can strive to make a difference to young people's lives."

Vedran Kozaric
(Building Services Manager)

(Kitchen Staff)

(Cleaning Staff)

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